Our enrichment classes at A+ Learning Club are

geared towards students in grades 1 through 12, to challenge and hone their academic experience. Our goal is to motivate and challenge all students to pursue learning opportunities that address and meet their educational needs. During the school year 2020-2021, all our enrichment classes will be virtual. 

Mathematician's Corner

Math corner is for curious and challenge loving kids. A+ Learning Club, will enhance your child's basic math skills, number theory, algebra, geometry, graph theory, and much more. Our goal is to challenge our students with critical thinking questions, brain teasers, and a friendly competition with their peers. Our club will be interactive and hands-on for all age groups.

Creative Writing

We will guide and support writers of the future at A+ Learning Club. Our writing club will assist writers of all grade levels to share and develop their written work. Kids will broaden their writing skills, grasp new styles of writing. This club will give our writers an opportunity to improve their writing skills in a fun and nurturing environment.

Lego Adventures 

Our students will learn about all aspects of LEGO building. They will work cooperatively to build and present creations. They will also have FUN together through LEGO games and activities.

Public Speaking 

Our public speaking club is aimed to augment a child’s oratory skills and boost their confidence to communicate in front of a live audience. Our primary focus in public speaking class is for kids to inform, persuade, entertain their audience, and to eliminate their fear of glossophobia. We will strengthen their confidence by providing constructive criticism and sharpen their critical thinking skills. This club will make a monumental change in a child's ability to expatiate and generate assertiveness.

"I absolutely believe in the power of innovative entrepreneurship on every level. That's why I am exploring ways to improve our education system by making it as effective as a private tutor and as engaging as video games." Naveen Jain

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